Create the Best Business Success by Making the Most of Your People.

The best, most powerful business development is people development. 

Everyone tries to create a good product and delivery system, but the most successful businesses have discovered that this is just a starting point. 

The most outstanding businesses also create loyal, “raving fans” who brag about you and your company and come back and refer others for years and years. 

How do you create the environment that draws the best people and develops and draws the best out of each person?

Warren Bennis, renown as the “Father of Leadership” was famous for saying “IQ and technical skills are essential in today’s world, but they are merely threshold competencies.  If you ever want to be a Star you must develop EQ, Emotional Intelligence.”    Bennis was famous for saying “Leaders are made not born!

Developing great leadership skills and
 great skill of communication are indispensable keys
 to the success of any business.

To step into the league of top outstanding companies you and your team must become expert communicators, creating lasting relationships both within the company and outside with the customer. 

You must also understand how to identify and fill the needs of the customer and your team, to cut through blocks caused by negative emotions and outmoded systems, to think in fresh, new ways and to persuade others to adopt new strategies with enthusiasm, and to keep your team inspired as you move collectively toward ever higher goals.

Are you ready to take yourself and your team to the next most powerful level?

Peak Experiences Business Coaching guides you on your GPS TO SUCCESS to gain
 the insights and skills that will transform your business.

Peak Experiences Business Coaching is not just about “accountability” and techniques; instead, it deals with what really matters —systems, beliefs, and strategies that are no longer working or not working brilliantly and helps transform you and your team to greater success.

Mimi Peak has a talent for cutting to the heart of the problem, helping clients understand what caused the difficulty in the first place, and then, providing clear, workable solutions that address the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.

It’s amazing how quickly problems can disappear when the real source of the challenge is corrected and a more powerful solution is implemented! 

“I started working with Mimi to speed up reaching some specific goals, but I’ve found her work with me has impacted my whole life. I have a company based in Europe, I travel all over the world working with some of the top financial people in my industry in the world. Since Mimi, my professional and personal life has taken a quantum leap, my company has taken a quantum leap, even my employees have benefited.

One of the other things that was really great is that she’s very analytical and comes from a professional background, a law background, and so, because of her ability to communicate and her formal training, it was very easy for me to understand and accept the concepts she was talking about… Mimi is incredibly gifted and has been really blessed and she is a person who is able to help shift people in an almost magical way.”

When you bring Peak Experiences Business Coaching into your company, you’ll find the level of personal and professional satisfaction experienced by you, your team, and your organization will soar as you notice vast increases in your results reflected by vastly decreased customer and staff frustration and turnover and therefore, vastly increased stability and profitability!

With the Peak Experiences Business Coaching team,
 you and your organization can…

  • Increase your resilience after failure or negative events and access even greater power and commitment in adversity
  • Increase your team’s problem-solving and creativity skills for greater results
  • Create more powerful bonded, effective teams
  • Develop excellent communication between team members, executives, managers, and employees
  • Learn to hire not just for work skills but outstanding leadership and success-creating abilities.
  • Create lasting relationships with clients, colleagues, employees, bosses, family…in fact, everyone you meet.