Mimi's Testimonials

“Mimi is the most powerful and life-changing mentor and coach that I have ever met.”

Mimi is the most powerful and life-changing mentor and coach that I have ever met. She ignited my vision to think bigger and inspired my transition from the SEALs to the civilian world to live my true calling as a serial entrepreneur. If you are committed to playing life at the absolute limits of your potential – there is no one more astounding at unleashing your true potential and helping you on your path to destiny!

–Curt Cronin, CDR (SEAL) USNR, MBA, Co-founder, Mastery Technologies

Although I had a very successful business when I first started coaching with Mimi, I was not happy with it. The employees were problems, my work schedule was stressful, I had been ill from the strain of constant stress and worry, I was more than 100 pounds overweight, and, overall, was pretty constantly frustrated.

To put it simply, since working with Mimi my whole life has changed for the better. I now make even more money doing exactly what I love, I have created a staff of amazing people, my health is great, I’ve lost over 100 pounds, I feel better than I did 20 years ago and have learned to easily manage stress in a way I would have previously believed impossible.

I wouldn’t have believed how many ways my life could improve…but it has. I can’t recommend her enough.

–Mary F., Los Angeles, CA

“Mimi helped me change my mindset in the midst of a crisis and take me from desperation to a place where I had real perspective in my personal and professional life. The change was immediate and launched me into a phase at work where I was able to become the top producing trainer nationally for my company. I wouldn’t be where I’m at if not for Mimi’s expertise. She is not only inspirational, but provides practical, effective tools to help you achieve success.”

–Patrick S., Calabasas, CA

“Mimi has a gift and talent; to help us find our own gifts and talents. She taught me how to listen to my internal voice, the one I had been ignoring for so long. She gave me her practical strategies with enthusiasm and humor, and after every coaching session I felt more empowered and focused than I had in years. She helped me to find my ‘voice.’ With her guidance and encouragement, I went from being an aspiring writer to being a published novelist. She is smart, intuitive, honest and funny. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

–Terry R., Los Angeles, CA

“Where do I begin? When I met Mimi, I was desperate for a better life. I was constantly rated as average at work and going nowhere professionally. I had just finished an extremely destructive relationship and had a long history of bad relationships.

“I was extremely skeptical about a new way to view the world to achieve change. As truly great coaches in any profession (e.g., NBA, NFL) do, Mimi figured out how to communicate to me to bring out the best.

“Mimi determined the most appropriate tools to reach me. For example, I am a reader. As one of the many tools, she picked some key books that spoke to me. I used these tools to create a much better life.

“Now, I am in a terrific relationship, starting a new business, and living life with gratitude instead of pessimism. I still have my crises. But, thank goodness, Mimi knows how to cut through many of my remaining, knee-jerk, old-mindset hysterics to remind me to work the magic of life.

“I am grateful that Mimi came into my life and is my coach.”

–Alice H., Los Angeles, CA

“Mimi helped me reach my goals much faster than I would have by myself. For me, she’s just inspirational.

“I used to say, ‘I can’t do this and I can’t make that change and I won’t do that.’ And somehow, she did not give up on me.

“I don’t actually know how she got me to stop putting on the brakes and to be able to see the possibilities where I was just adamant that there were no possibilities…

“Funny…I just don’t see the limitations anymore, I see only the possibilities.

“I am calmer, more relaxed, having more fun and amazingly making way more money than I was before. Now that’s remarkable.”

–Nora Avery, Glendale, CA

“My goals are to live a happy life filled with love, abundance, freedom, and success while truly making a difference. I was beyond blessed to have Mimi Peak assigned as my master coach.

“We met on the phone every two or three weeks or so, and it was like secretly plugging into the universal life-force of total wisdom and absolute unconditional love. With Mimi’s guidance, I went from dreaming about my goals to fully realizing and making them come true.

“Mimi gets right into the heart of whatever you have going on. If you’re feeling down or frustrated, she’s right there with you, then magically helps you to break through to a higher level of thinking and being. Not only does she ensure that you fully understand how this happened, but she also teaches you how to implement these skills and empower yourself in your day-to-day life.

“What I love most about Mimi is her humor. I smile just now thinking of how she laughs and celebrates each step of our progress. I can literally talk to her about anything, no matter how big or small, important or trivial, serious or weird. As a result, every aspect of my life grew and improved, and in general, went to a deeper more meaningful level. Thank you, Mimi. I am eternally grateful.”

– Susan Hemme, Entrepreneur

Over the last five years of business highs and lows, the sad end of one relationship and the exciting start of another, I have been privileged to have a steady source of valuable sage coaching advice, laser-guided thought provoking questions, and genuine heartfelt encouragement. Mimi has an uncanny ability to offer the perfect mental model, cutting edge strategy or insightful book recommendation right when you need it. She is my secret weapon.

–James Freestun, Executive Chairman, Solutions Group of Companies

“I started working with Mimi to speed up reaching some specific goals, but I’ve found her work with me has impacted my whole life. I have a company based in Europe, I travel all over the world working with some of the top financial people in my industry in the world. Since Mimi, my professional and personal life has taken a quantum leap, my company has taken a quantum leap, even my employees have benefited.
One of the other things that was really great is that she’s very analytical and comes from a professional background, a law background, and so, because of her ability to communicate and her formal training, it was very easy for me to understand and accept the concepts she was talking about… Mimi is incredibly gifted and has been really blessed and she is a person who is able to help shift people in an almost magical way.”

–Diane Moss, Director, Global Fund Administration, Gibraltar

Mimi is a life transforming coach. Today, I awake differently. My approach to goals, dreams and challenges is entirely different, without limits. Over time, we built together a new toolkit for myself and a new awareness emerged. In our bi-monthly sessions, we discussed and took apart what I was doing, my reactions, what underlay them and alternatives ways of conceiving of and approaching different situations. It has been highly interactive. It’s not psychotherapy, nor is it theoretical. Rather, it is ultimately practical but also touches on a deeper level of power and consciousness about life’s possibilities. Can you imagine what this means for the love in one’s life, your relationship with your children, your job and career and beyond? If you have an inkling of this impact and what it means to take the limits off oneself, you have a sense of Mimi as a coach, as a master. She is worth her weight in gold.

–Alex Gendzier

Working with Mimi was one of the most important experiences of my life. Three years ago I felt completely out of control of my life both professionally and personally. I was living in Albuquerque, New Mexico working in minor league sports and struggling to make my dysfunctional relationship better. A friend recommended that I reach out to Mimi. Within the first 5 month round of coaching with Mimi, I had gotten my relationship problems under control and had received a job offer from the San Francisco 49ers. Mimi then helped me through a vast transition point in a second round of coaching. This second session was done after I had moved to California and was beginning my new sales position with the San Francisco 49ers. In this session I focused on reframing my expectations and capabilities. Mimi also gave me some key ways to calm my nerves and prepare me for the new chapter in my career. Since joining the NFL two years ago I have increased my income over $90k and have positioned myself as a top performer in my field. As I look back on the amount of change that has taken place in my life over three years, in some ways seems unbelievable. I am so grateful to Mimi for helping me to believe in myself, and for giving me the priceless tools and knowledge to live my best life. I continue to use that wisdom when confronted with new life challenges. Maybe if you are reading these words, you have been trying “your way” for a long time and not getting the results that you want. The truth is, people who are successful and happy know how to reach out for help when they need to. I am happy to have Mimi just a phone call away!

– Audrey R., Sales Consultant

“When I first started my coaching with Mimi I was in the worst place I had ever been in my life! After 4 sessions/meetings with Mimi she had me re-focused, back on track and working on the changes that I needed to make in order to get my life back. Mimi has taught me so many important things about relationships, communication and myself. She has a unique way of communicating ideas, she makes you feel comfortable and keeps things simple and easy to understand. She is a lifesaver and a gem!”

–Tom F., Scottsdale, AZ

“I was referred to Mimi Peak at a time in my life when I was feeling particularly stuck in my career as a musician. In the ensuing 30 months, as she held me accountable from one session to the next she helped me build my business (more than returning my initial investment in the coaching), oversee the breakup of my 10-year-old band (in an easy manner), and taught me a range of skills that I still practice today.

“For me, the most impressive attributes of the work which I did with Mimi were that she was looking at the things that I wanted and wanted to do in a holistic way. She taught me not only many skills with regard to planning and strategy, but also envisioning and mindset.

“Even today, years after our time together, I can read through the notes from that time, and pick up new insights, along with having retained knowledge reinforced. The place that I am in today, as a successful full-time musician is in no small way a result of the help that I received from Mimi. My only warning is that growth is inevitable when working with Mimi – you will find yourself sometimes uncomfortable as she inexorably draws you out of your comfort zone and into a brighter future!”

–Simon Bartlett, Professional Musician

“Mimi has been one of the best career advisors I have ever had, and has helped me embrace my strengths and understand my weaknesses. She has taught me to recognize the power of patience and how to operate with a growth mindset in the face of challenge. After my first session I had a real action plan on how to embrace my present career situation, and tools to operate at my full potential. During the first three months together she coached me through multiple difficult business relationships, showed me how I could shift my perspective and even embrace the politics. I moved successfully towards a promotion, a new team, a cross-country move and all kinds of life transition. She helped me understand how to manage my energy, enjoy my work and be truly engaged. On top of all this, she simultaneously helped me be a smarter mother, more caring wife, and more thoughtful colleague. I leave every session with her feeling like my batteries are re-charged and excited for all the possibilities that lie ahead in my career and life. And she is really funny!”

–L.H., San Francisco, CA

“Each of us dreams in our youth and throughout our life to play the role of hero. We long to be victorious, to conquer dragons, to win the prize and find our own personal happily-ever-after. What true heroes and heroines alike know that others do not, is that the secret path to heroism is through the advantage of a trusted guide. At a time when I was facing serious dragons determined to roast me alive, I credit Mimi Peak’s guidance as my secret weapon for success. Much love and thanks to you Mimi…I owe you.”

– Kimberly B.

“Mimi has helped me follow my passion rather than staying in a profession that was only about making money. Now I spend my time doing what I love, contributing to others, and making even more money. Wow!”

–Linda Farrell, Nationally Known Literacy Expert

“Mimi has a gift and talent to help us find our own gifts and talents.  She taught me how to listen to my internal voice, the one I had been ignoring for so long.  She gave me her practical strategies with enthusiasm and humor and after every coaching session I felt more empowered and focused than I had in years,   She helped me to find my ‘voice.’  With her guidance and encouragement, I went from being an aspiring writer to being a published novelist.  She is smart, intuitive, hones and funny.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

–Marie-Therese Robinson

“Mimi, you are my hero!   When you urged me to look on my severe stroke as an opportunity, I thought you had been “smoking something funny”.  But, your counseling brought me hope and confidence to come out of my abyss of depression, loneliness and despair. I have now written 8 books and painted many paintings.   These wonderful stories and my paintings came about after that ‘life changing brain hemorrhage and your encouraging message!!

 I had lost 45% of my brain cells (I’m medically defined as a ‘half-wit’ right?!)  I was declared 100% disabled for life!  You were the only one who told me I could and should look on this terrible hemorrhagic stroke as an opportunity!  Mimi, I was declared 100% disabled for life!… that I would never walk again, talk again, use my left side again or make a decision again!  I tell people when I give public addresses that they are listing to a ‘half-wit’! Haha!  You, yes, you, Mimi, you were the vital person in my life.  And you remain so even today? You are very important to me… thank you!”

–Alexander Simon, author, artist Palm Beach Florida