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“Extraordinary success in life used to be reserved for the lucky few—often at the highest levels of business, the professions or world leaders. 

Now, with the advent of the personal coaching profession, these same empowering partnerships with the same strategies, mentoring and cutting-edge techniques can be available to anyone. 

How do you ensure huge changes? 

Those who become extraordinary inevitably find a powerful guide to help speed them on their journey to their greatest successes. They choose their coach-guide carefully because who you choose for your guide can make all the difference –between moderate and massive success, between handling a one-time situation and eliminating major lifelong unconscious limiting habits, between a quick fix and a profound transformation, between results that work in the moment and results that last a lifetime.”

“If you are committed to playing life at the absolute limits of your potential- there is no one more astounding at unleashing your true potential and helping you on your path to destiny.”

–Curt Cronin CDR (SEAL) USNV, MBA, Ridgeline Partners, Broadway Strategic Return Fund, CEO at Ridgeline Partners, General Partner at Broadway Strategic Return Fund

Mimi Peak’s Peak Experiences Coaching’s GPS TO SUCCESS can help you
bring out the absolute best in yourself and your business.

Mimi Peak is an internationally recognized expert in maximizing human potential. For the past 20 years+ she has been an executive, success, and life coach, as well as a speaker and workshop leader in the U.S., Europe, and Australia. 

Her clients include CEOs of multinational, multimillion-dollar companies; athletes training for Olympic-level competition; celebrities in radio, television, and film; parents and children of all ages; front-line employees, salespeople, managers, executives, and entrepreneurs; doctors, lawyers, psychologists, and coaches; those who are in crisis and those who simply want to be, do, and have more in their lives.

Mimi’s GPS To Success coaching uses cutting-edge knowledge and strategies drawn from the latest research human psychology, personal development, business management, leadership, health and relationship management, your GPS TO SUCCESS with Mimi and Peak Experiences Coaching will help you discover more about yourself and what you’re capable of than you ever thought possible and then, help you finally navigate to the place of your own success, power, and greatness!


Peak Experiences Coaching doesn’t just help you reach your goals; it shows you how to access the unlimited (and often untapped) potential that lies inside you. 

Your dreams will get bigger, your successes will come quicker, and your life will be happier and more fulfilled in every moment.

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